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Powerful Voodoo Destroy Your Enemies, With Photo Proof, Spell Cursing, Revenge Spell, Voodoo Doll Rituals, Destroy Spell, Black Magic, Wicca +27734863310 by Mama Kenzo

Hello, seekers of revenge. My name is Prof Mama Kenzo and I am here to help you in your attempt to give suffering to your enemies.

You can use this spell to get revenge. This spell and ritual are to truly destroy someone, internally and externally. This revenge spell was tested before and it has a success rate of 95% if other external dark forces do not intervene to sabotage you. The technique used has its origins in voodoo spells.

If you purchase this spell, I need the following information from you:

  1. Your name
  2. Your enemy name

  3. The reason you want him/her to suffer

The spell it’s karma-friendly and it will not bounce back to you or your loved one.

WARNING! This spell is irreversible, so choose wisely.

As soon as I have all the information, I will perform the spell and cast it in 3-4 days. You will receive pics from the ceremony, to be sure of its authenticity

I use a voodoo doll, goat’s blood, and magical herbs to cast this spell.

Important message: This spell will be cast by me and I will not ship anything through Post.

For this spell to take effect, it might take between 2 weeks and 12 weeks, and in some cases even longer (or lesser).


All ritualists, candle burning, and energy works are provided for religious and entertainment purposes only providing potentials and probabilities without guarantees as an individual’s free will may determine the actual experience or outcome and limitless opportunities.+27734863310

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