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A spell to win back your ex

The spell to win back your ex is popular for those who regret breaking up with their lovers or want to rekindle a past romance.

To perform this spell, enlist the help of a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Professionals can chase away any negative energy that may separate you.

Casting a spell to get an ex back is supposed to give you the energy and confidence to help you do it.

The most important thing to remember when rekindling a romance is to make sure it’s not forced.

Love should never be authoritative-it should be mutual and emotionally accepted by both parties.

How to cast a spell to win back your ex

Traditional Valentines Day romantic scene of young people in love kissing at dusk by the sea in the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. Honeymoon, travel destination concept. Vintage effectLight a red candle and stare at the flame for two or three minutes.

Look at a photo of your ex and visualize the makeup.

Write your name and your ex’s name on a sheet of paper and draw a circle around them.

Place honey on the names and sing the following spell:

I would like you to return to me with this spell to strengthen our bond forever.

Meditate for a few minutes to calm your mind and let go of any resentment or negativity you may hold.

Blowing out the candleTear the paper into small pieces and bury them somewhere in your garden.

Repeat the rituals the following night with new paper and honey, but with the same candle. Repeat the spell for a third night.

Marriage Spells

spell to win back your ex

Marriage spells are for those looking for strength in their marriage or for someone looking to get married. They reduce tension in existing relationships and allow two partners to strengthen their sacred bond, adding harmony and love between the charmer and their partner.

Although marriage periods can work for couples going through a difficult time, seek professional help if you are on the verge of a legal separation, divorce, or annulment. White magic simply doesn’t force others to love or have feelings that don’t exist. Going forward without a professional and forcing it can cause the pitcher to suffer a backlash of negative energy.

How to Cast Marriage Spells

There are many marriage spells that vary in intensity and power.

Get professional help when casting powerful marriage spells.

Here is a beginner’s marriage spell for someone who wants their partner to propose or talk about marriage:

Take a plant called Spathiphyllum—it should have white flowers to symbolize a white wedding dress.
Replant the spathiphyllum in a new pot when you bring it home.

The soil used for replanting should come from a place where you and your partner have fond memories together.
Put the stones at the bottom of the vase for more powerful magic.
Write your wish on a sheet of paper. Roll up the paper, tie it with white string, and place it at the bottom of the vase.

The paper should be under the stones and the ground.
After repotting the plant, place it in a room where your partner spends a lot of time.
Take a picture of yourself and another of your partner.
Roll them up and wrap them separately in paper to protect your relationship.
Place your photo on the right side of the plant and your partner’s on the left.
Water the plant until at least one new flower sprouts.
Cut the flower when it blooms, place it on a paper towel and dry it.
Divide the dried flower into three equal parts.
Put 1/3 of the flowers into a cup, add sugar and natural tea, then stir the tea clockwise.
Then lean over the cup while singing the following words: “Be my husband, be my husband, be my husband!” Or, if you’re using the spell on a woman, sing: “Be my wife!” Be my wife! Be my wife!
Offer tea to your partner and make sure he drinks every last drop.
Repeat the ritual for the next two days for maximum potency.
If your partner does not start arguing about marriage, wait for the new moon

How to Cast a win back your ex Spell with a Photograph

Wait till the clock hits middle of the night to carry out this ritual.

Take the image of your accomplice/partner and region it in the front of you. Behind the image, region a crimson candle.

The crimson candle have to be the handiest supply of mild withinside the complete room. Next, take a pen and paper and write down the subsequent: Sadness, visit my lover (call of your lover). Go internal his head, so all he may want to assume become me (your call), hugging me, kissing me, loving me.

My phrases are sturdy and sticky.

Take the paper and burn it with the candle flame.

Make positive the smoke passes via the image. As the piece of paper burns, chant the subsequent incantation:

The blood’s boiling, not able to preserve still.

What is going over the top comes into the top, while the hearthplace seems in the back of the back, the coronary heart of God’s servant (your lover’s call) excites.

After the paper is completely burned and there may be no smoke left, you’ve got got completed your love spell the use of a photograph! Final Thought For your spell to work, the universe and the individual you adore have to trust your desire.

Love spells with pictures are sturdy in that you could visualize your accomplice and the existence you’ve got got in the front of your eyes. If each the universe and your individual are willing, your spell will achieve bringing them into your existence.

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