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Safety and protection spells

The various Protection spells

why protection spells:

Surely you are seeking to protect your emotional well-being, reinforce your confidence, or find some comfort in a stressful world, use protection spells.

Feeling unsafe puts a strain on your emotional state and robs you of energy, but the protection spells can strengthen your comfort and security and heal your body and mind.

spellcraft makes you feel more secure, protects your positive energy, and brings the kind of comfort to allow you to relax and live your life to its full also helps you extend the same to your family, friends, and possessions.

Take charge of defending yourself, both your energy and your physical body, interests you, by spell crafting. if you’ve never done spellwork before, don’t worry prof. mama Kenzo can take you through these protection spells.

Protection spells

protection from miscarriage using knot magic

is particularly efficient at binding something and it supports a pregnancy.

protecting your mental health

human thought processes can be worn down by fear, stress, and low self-confidence spellwork can help reinforce your clarity of thought self-esteem, and ability to trust yourself in today’s negative environments.

protection from oversaturation

when you are studying or taking in a lot of information you can easily get overwhelmed.use the protection spell to help strengthen your ability to survive the onslaught of information and even retain the important parts.

overstudying and researching can lead to information overload, Brown jasper is associated with strength and long-term endurance which is just the kind of energy you need to help you in such situations.

protection from the past

Protection spells

past defines you, whether you like it or not. things that happened to you as a child, young adult, and yesterday have an effect on the choices you make and the person you are today.

However, some of these things that affect you are unhealthy and hold you back living in the shadow of your past can hobble you and render you incapable of fully living in the present.

my protection spells release these negative things so as to clean away unhealthy ties that bind you and prevent you from fully living your life today

Banishing illness

if you feel yourself coming down with something or have an illness use this spell to kick it to the curb.

salt spell to cleanse a sick room

you are bedbound because of sickness this spell is to cleanse unhealthy energy from the sickroom

the requirements for this spell are salt and a small bowl

procedure to cast the spell the salt in the bowl and say “salt I call upon you to absorb illness and negative energy from this room” the bowl of salt under your bed, replace it daily disposing of the used salt by flushing it down in a toilet

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