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love spells that work

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love spells that work

There are two different types of love spells.

The first type is what you’d call seductive and seeks to woo the target and encourage them to develop or acknowledge their romantic feelings. This type of spell doesn’t force love and doesn’t violate the individual’s free will at all. As a result, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There has to be an existing bond of affection, maybe a friendship or a crush, to build on. These can sometimes lead to the target really and truly falling in love, but won’t work if they hate or don’t know the person who they’re meant to love.

The second type forces the target to act as if they were in love. It doesn’t matter what they really feel on the inside, the spell makes them a puppet who acts out exactly what is demanded of them. Someone under the spell will appear to be in love but inside may be confused, ambivalent, or angry about their behavior. This kind of spell won’t make them love you. It’s mind control.

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love spells that work

In some cases, love spells can be too strong. In this case, the target will feel desperate for the person they are enchanted to love and may have a constant need to be with that person, to the point they become a nuisance. Stalking and possessive behavior are common symptoms, as is jealousy. The target may become panicky when they can’t get in touch with their ‘loved’ one and suffer depression or anxiety when separated. The romantic relationship may be all-consuming to the point where they cannot lead a normal life, choosing to quit work, abandon family and isolate themselves from friends in order to dedicate all time and energy to the romance. In these situations, the partner who originally cast or ordered the spell often loses interest and feels overwhelmed by the neediness, so this can be a very unfortunate situation. If it happens the spell needs to be broken to give the person their life back. It is usually unwise to try again in these situations, but if the caster does want to repeat the spell they should use lightly charged elements and make sure the tendency to become clingy, jealous, or unbalanced is addressed simultaneously, perhaps with healing.

In other cases, the spell can backfire. This is quite rare but can happen with serious consequences. In these situations, it can be pretty much the opposite of the proper love spell. The target will feel agitated and uncomfortable when they are near or thinking of the other person and may struggle with a lot of intense negative emotion, feeling angry or miserable when they are close by. They will usually try to distance themselves from the intended loved one, even to the point of quitting work and moving away. In this case, too the spell needs to be broken. It can be re-cast after cleansing to dispel negative energy. check out also……………..other services from prof mamakenzo as follows

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